Held every two years, Electrical Energy Distribution National Seminar – SENDI – Seminário Nacional de Energia Elétrica – is the biggest electrical power distribution event in Latin America. The seminar’s goals are:

• To present and to discuss the sector’s trends;
• To promote innovation and development on the electrical energy distribution area;
• To share and to discuss improvements to the Brazilian regulatory model;

To promote the exchange of experiences between electrical power distribution companies.
Sendi will take place in June 2022 in Vitória – Espírito Santo state – under EDP’s coordination and will present topics related to the macro trends in the energy sector’s changes: Digitalization, Decarbonization and Decentralization. Thus, one will be able to follow discussions on smart grid, electrical mobility and use of blockchain and big data by energy companies, as well as knowing startups that show solutions for the energy distribution sector.

The seminar happens since 1962 and in 2022 intends to gather different stakeholders in the energy market, considering and obeying all the rules and safety measures that are in force against the covid-19 virus pandemic.


The Brazilian Electrical Energy Distributors Association (ABRADEE: Associação Brasileira de Distribuidores de Energia Elétrica) is a nonprofit civil society ruled by private law, which gathers 41 electric power utilities – among state-owned and private – that act in every part of the country and together are responsible for the supply of 99,6% of Brazilian consumers.

According to its tenets, Abradee engages to:

• Guarantee sustainability to distribution business;
• Assure the accomplishment of investments that increase the system operational efficiency;
• Search for continuous improvements to the quality of service delivered to the consumer (by distributors);
• Pursuit a fair and adequate tariff.

ABRADEE has as mission to contribute to the country development by means of a sustainable and efficient distribution on the sector, delivering quality services acknowledged by the clients.

The outlook is to add value to the utilities, to the clients and to the country, as an effective agent on the electrical power development.


EDP, an energy distributor based in Espírito Santo, is among the private companies which invest the most in the state. Contributing to the economical and sustainable development of the state and bringing comfort and quality of life to the local population, over the last five years the company has made investments that amount to R$ 1,5 billion. Its Concession area covers 70 from the 78 state’s municipalities, encompassing more than 90% of its territory and population. The utility is responsible for bringing electric power to 1,6 million consumer units, creating around 4 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

The utility investment plan embraces expansion areas, power grid modernization, preventive replacement of equipment, loss management, infrastructure and customer care, fundamental for the continuity of a high quality service, as well as the enhancement on electrical system safety. This infrastructure raises Espírito Santo’s ability to attract new companies and investors, once a safe and trustworthy power grid is one of the main attractive factors for the arrival of new companies and business enterprises.

The EDP in Espírito Santo is among the best utilities in Brazil in terms of service quality and Vitória is the best evaluated Brazilian state capital on this matter, with an average interruption shorter than 3 hours a year.

Aware of its socioenvironmental responsibility, EDP develops actions that benefit communities, like a free electrician course for youngsters, the professional training oriented School of Electricians. With Instituto EDP, the distributor develops initiatives for income generation, improvements on student atmosphere, promotion of sport and health incentives. Over the last 10 years, about 90 thousand people have been benefited from more than 150 social actions in Espírito Santo.



With over 20 years of activity, EDP Brazil is one of the biggest electric power private companies operating on the entire value chain. The company, which employs more than 10 thousand people (between direct and outsourced jobs), acts on Transmission, Trading and Energy Service, and owns six hydroelectric generators and one thermal power plant. On Distribution, it supplies around 3.6 million clients in São Paulo and Espírito Santo and has acquired a participation in CELESC, in Santa Catarina.

In Brazil, is a reference in areas as Innovation, Governance and Sustainability, obtaining for 14 consecutive years the B3 Index of Corporate Sustainability (ISE).


Espírito Santo will host SENDI 2022

A state that surprises us for its diversity and peculiarities! While its coast is flat and features famous beaches like Itaúnas, Praia dos Padres and Praia do Riacho Doce, the country side is hilly, where Pico da Bandeira is found, the tallest point of Southeastern region and Brazilians’ third one.

A naturally gifted state, Espírito Santo knows how to take care of what it owns. Tamar Project, with a basis on Vitória and others installed along the capixaba litoral area, is fundamental for the preservation of Brazilian coast’s sea turtles and whales. In Cidade Velha city, at 500 feet of altitude, we find Convento da Penha. One of Espirito Santo’s icons, the sanctuary was built by slaves in 1558 over a great rock. From there is possible to get a beautiful view to Vitória’s and Vila Velha’s bays, as well as to wonderful beaches.

In addition to the natural beauty and the historical heritage, the state surprises the visitors’ ears with capixaba congo, a typical rhythm which has a huge influence over the local bands.

And when the subject turns to gastronomy, one cannot visit Espírito Santo and miss the moqueca capixaba. The plate has an unique feature: it is served on traditional pottery, some of the most representative pieces of capixaba handicraft. This manual production is a family practice that has been passing on several generations for at least 400 years, and it is protected by IPHAN (Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional, or National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute). culinária, não dá para visitar o Espírito Santo sem saborear a Moqueca Capixaba. O prato tem uma característica única: é servida em tradicionais panelas de barro, uma das peças mais representativas do artesanato capixaba. Sua confecção é uma prática de família, passando de pai para filho, de geração para geração há pelo menos 400 anos e é tombado pelo Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan).


Placed at Rodovia do Contorno BR 101 road, municipality of Serra, Carapina Pavilion distinguishes itself as the main Espírito Santo’s events center. Rodovia do Contorno, Km 1, no number, Jardim Carapina – Serra – ES